August 12, 2011

August 10 - still feel yucky

ok so no one warned me about having your period right after a chemo treatment - IT"S NOT FUN!!!!
I have been in a foggy state since Saturday my chemo treatment was Aug 4 - just thought it was part of the chemo toxins and poisons but then this morning I got my period - oh that explains it - the chemo magnifies  everything by 5 times!!!!!!   I am feeling a little better - need to rest but doing some work for work from home!!
Had my dentist appt this morning - good to see Greg's uncle he cleaned my teeth and said they were in good shape let's hope they stay that way.
Ok no one told me about the acne break out due to chemo either!!!  probably due to period but times 5!!! Chemo is not my friend.......

so here are some photos i haven't posted yet - enjoy......
 arrived at Hair Klaudt on July 28 to get the hair cut off in preparation for Chemo!!!

 Before haircut!!!!
 After haircut!!
 I love Uptown Charlotte!!!
 my good friend Lisa - she came to hang out with me before I went in to see Rocky Horror - rock n' roll girls together!!!!!

 Peace moblie at Rocky Horror!

 Going into Rocky Horror!!

 the Rocky Horror Cast was great!!!
 My BFF gave me this great bracelet!!

 this is me and Mrs. Epps - she's 94 yrs old and still going out to bars to see her son play his guitar!!

 Almost Famous at Steve's!!

 view as I was walking one morning!!!

 gotta walk to keep my mind clear and body in shape!!!

 went with my sister to hang photos for my Exhibit at WSOC in Charlotte, NC on July 29!!!
 me and my mom - dad in background - always good to be home with them!!

 this is in Charlotte, NC - another reason I wish I lived there - we don't have a place like this on Long Island!!!!!!!

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