August 20, 2011

Chemo #2 is complete

I went on 8/18 for chemo #2 - as I sat in the car I was pulling handfulls of hair out - they say it starts after 2nd treatment.  It's part of my journey and I know it will grow back so I have decided to dye it pink!!!!

The handfull of hair that came out in the car before 2nd chemo

Below is the needle in the port!!!

Below is the 1st chemo drug going in the IV!!!  yes I pee red after this lovely treatment but drink lots of water to flush it out!!!

Below is me after treatment - feeling good and going to get the hair dye!!

Picked up my favorite magazine to read this weekend while I am resting!!

Found the dye!!

Below is the bleaching job.
 The bleaching job looks good - want to just do pink stripes or highlights but then did whole head!!

below is the final pink hair - Fetish pink!!!  love it - got to be different before the hair falls out and I go to the bandanas and skull caps!!!

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