August 24, 2011

Photos from 8/21-24!!!

I went to Long Beach on Sunday 8/21 to relax and enjoy the sea breeze before it got too hot and sunny
On this journey I am going through you have to take good days when you get them - so I decided that Sunday 6am was a good day to walk on the beach!!!

I decided to dye my hair pink on Friday before it all fell out 

Peace Love Photography

the drift wood below looked like a foot on the beach!!!

the water felt so good at 7am on Sunday morning - would have loved to have gone in!!!

think I will be wearing skull caps - alot!!  t-shirt saws it all raw fruits and veggies are the best!!!

a friend a work made this for me so I won't be cold during chemo!! 

My friend Karen gave me this cute cat after I cat sat for her!!!!

My friend Jen and her baby gave me the Pink bling as a gift!!!  love it

I will be flying to SC tomorrow and have to be prepared - not good to get sick while one chemo and germs are everywhere.... People on the plane will love me!!!!

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