February 26, 2013

Palm Springs 2012

In October of 2012 I had the pleasure of going to Palm Springs and staying at The Ace Hotel to attend the Shutter Sisters Oasis Camp.
I was with Tracy Clark at the Shutter Sister Snap Happy Hour in NYC in 2010, when she asked if anyone would be interested in a camp where we could share ideas and learn from each other.  I was so going to be there. 
Well just my luck in Feb of 2011 I had a swollen lymph node under my left arm, I knew something was up and knew I couldn't register for camp in 2011 - that year it sold out in a few minutes.   I was determined to stay healthy and attend in 2012.  Chemo wasn't going to kick my butt and Cancer wasn't going to take my life I wanted to go to camp.
October 2012 came so quick.  I boarded a plane for PS on Oct 20 so I would have a day to recover from the long flight.  First stop Dallas, TX and shopping for my friend Jennifer and her son the Dallas fans.  I got to Palm Springs in time to see the sun setting from the plane.   I grabbed a taxi and off the Motel 6 for the first night.

There was a Motorcycle rally in town so Motorcycles were everywhere. 
I was up early the next morning (Sunday) I was still on NY time in fact it was 2;30 PS time!!!  I went back to bed and 3 hours later started my walk into downtown Palm Springs.  I posted on FB on the Shutter Sister page where I was in hopes of meeting up with a Sister.  I was getting a few responses and then while eating breakfast at Rubies, Pamela Shaw a fellow Shutter Sister, stopped by to say hello and introduce herself.
I walked back to hotel to meet with 2 shutter sister who were there and we started on a walk around PS - it was too hot already at 12:30 to walk back to town so we had sandwiches and then headed over to the ACE to take photos and wait on the check in time.

At 3pm check in for Shutter Sister Oasis began.  So exciting to be in an area with so many talented photographers.  I felt great both physically and mentally.  I met Carol who I spoken to on FB and a few other ladies who I knew from online.  My roommate Laura was just too cute and sweet - love her.  we hit it off great and had a great time together.

My roomie Laura and I - great match up 

Below are some more of the photos from a wonderful trip to Ace Hotel in Palm Springs for Shutter Sisters Oasis Camp.
flying into the sunset as I arrive in Palm Springs

took a walk the first morning I was in PS to downtown PS - love all the Palm Trees everywhere.  I could love here.

Sono Bono Statue

Great place to eat - Ruby's Diner

Marilyn was in Palm Springs - I first saw this statue at Grounds for Sculpture in NJ

Pink Peace Van on the move in Palm Springs

I finally made it to the wind mills - awesome time!!

karin - what a great lady and photographer

forgot to return my key

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