February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day - Pet Sitting and Snow storm - oh my

I started a new Pet Sitting job last Friday and there was a snow storm - the town I am in go over 20 inches. 
Seriously I am not pet sitting in January or February anymore - of course that's not true, if a client calls of course I will be there. 
 The dogs have enjoyed the snow and running in it but I didn't enjoy digging out of it and the neighbors aren't friendly where I am either.  
To top it off the parrot attacked me when I forgot that I didn't need to open the door because the water bowl and other food bowls have special little doors.

Happy Valentine's Day - Heart in the snow
Saturday night after crazy day of shoveling snow that was past my knees
Sophie loved the snow

Nicholas in the Friday night snow - he could still walk in it

the snowflakes are falling FRiday 2/8

I could not get out front door on Saturday 2/9 morning 

grabbed from TV scene from Seaside Heights, NJ - this roller coaster came off during Hurricane Sandy in Oct 2012

I had to walk through this waist deep snow to get to front walk to get snow from blocking the front door

Look at all that snow!!!!  I only lost Sophie 2 times in the deep parts!! ha!!

Finally ready to go inside

Waiting on Daddy's to come home - really watching for cats ha!!  

Going to add this to my oil and water collection


  1. They are so cute!! Love the image of the rain drops and the heart in the snow!!!!