February 11, 2013

there's a new Pink Angel in Heaven

I lost my dear friend and Chemo buddy - Antoinette
Antoinette and I were diagnosed within months of each other and started Chemotherapy together.  We would sit and talk when she got to chemo but within 30 minutes of the nurses starting her treatment she was asleep.  I snapped a few photos of her asleep - sweet lady didn't get mad when I told her either.  
Antoinette always loved to see what I would be wearing or after loosing my hair what I would have painted on my bald head.  She said I was her rock and I kept her believing in the good and positive of Breast Cancer.   
Antoinette was stage 2 triple negative and I am stage 3A triple negative.  It is scary to think she lost her battle in just 2 yrs - I believe she was diagnosed in Feb of 2011 - I was diagnosed in May of 2011 but found my swollen lymph node in Feb 2011.  Heaven gained another Pink Warrior.  - Rest in Peace sweet angel.

June 2012 - Antoinette and me - she had just been re diagnosed with cancer

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