February 7, 2014

Love when I can help people see the Beauty

I posted the photo below of a rusted chair in the snow in our backyard and got the best comment from a friend - Kim said - "you never stop amazing me.... I walk past this type of stuff and don't even notice it - you take a picture of it and I think "holy crap, that's beautiful"!" 
I love that I can do that for a person/friend.
I am glad I could help her see and maybe help her to start noticing the beauty in the world around her more.
Take the time in your busy day to see that the snow on a rusted chair, that small flower in the crack of the sidewalk or that red leaf that fell just right in the green grass. 

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful image. There is beauty everywhere if you know where to look. And you, dear, know where to look :)